kleines Vulkaneifelhaus

Kleines Vulkaneifelhaus is a retreat for two in the midst of the unspoilt Eifel landscape in northwestern Rhineland-Palatinate. Situated on a steep slope, this timber house, clad in black charcoal planks, sits atop a plinth of fair-faced concrete. The house appears closed off from the entrance side, and even rather small – an effect created by its few window openings and the low roof on this side. Indeed it seems almost like an agricultural building. On the valley side, however, it broadens out with high gables and its large panoramic windows provide spectacular views of nature.

The approx. 55 square metre house has a polygonal floor plan. The dining, living and sleeping area is arranged across a continuous space structured around the large south-facing balcony, which is also protected from outside eyes. Different ceiling heights zone the varying sections. In the kitchen and dining area, the room opens up to just below the roof, which faces the valley side. The sitting area with fireplace is located under the gallery and thus has a more intimate character. Then follows the sleeping area with the ceiling height rising again, which can be separated by a sliding door. The panoramic views of the surrounding meadows and forests are present in each area, creating a generous feeling of open space. The rough-cleaved quartzite flooring and the wooden wall panels and fixtures also convey a close connection to nature throughout the interiors.

Kleines Vulkaneihaus is the little brother of the neighbouring Vulkaneifelhaus and shares a 4000 square metre orchard with it.

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What to do

Hiking, mountain biking, cycling, bathing in the surrounding lakes, Geopark Vulkaneifel, visits to the Moselle region, Trier, the Nürburgring, Luxembourg.

Why we like this house

A small but multifaceted house, which is a secluded retreat and a panoramic platform all at the same time.

This house is great for

Perfect for solo getaways or as a couple. In combination with the neighbouring Vulkaneifelhaus it is also ideal for accompanying grandparents on family holidays or for holidays with friends.

Details of the property

Region/Town: DE – Germany, Rhineland-Palatinate, Schutz

Name: kleines Vulkaneifelhaus

Scenery: South-facing slope overlooking a broad valley in the volcanic Eifel

Accommodation: House

Number of guests: Max. 2

Architecture: Modern

Completed: 2019

Design: Fiederling Habersang Architekten, Zürich


Elke Fischer-Schliebs said:

Wir haben wunderbar ruhige, erholsame Januartage in diesem besonderen Haus in der Vulkaneifel verbracht. Die Atmosphäre des Hauses mit seiner modernen, zurückgenommenen und trotzdem warmen Ausstattung ist wohltuend. Der fantastische Ausblick auf das Tal der Kleinen Kyll und die umgebende Natur macht süchtig!

AP said:

Ein sehr schönes, geschmackvoll und hochwertig eingerichtetes Haus mit herrlicher Aussicht und guten Wandermöglichkeiten gleich vor der Haustür. Wer Ruhe sucht, wird sie hier finden.

Alexander Horch said:

Die Beschreibung und Bilder sagen eigentlich alles: Wunderschönes Retraite für 2 Personen. Die Vulkaneifel ist eine Reise wert, aber am liebsten möchte man doch Haus und Balkon überhaupt nicht verlassen. Das Haus ist neu, extrem stilvoll und charmant. Alles was wichtig ist, ist sehr hochwertig und funktional: Küche, Bett, Sessel, Sofa, Bad. Hier kann man die Seele baumeln lassen.

Dr. Scholl said:

Wunderschönes, bestens ausgestattetes Haus für 2, mit tollem Panorama und virtuosem Vogelkonzert! Schauen und lauschen und dabei tief entspannen. Genial!

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