The Tannerhof is an eco-hotel and health resort in the Bavarian Alps. It is surrounded by meadows, forests and mountains and looks like a idyllic little village due to its assortment of buildings. Here you won’t just find a wide range of health and wellness packages, but also various styles of accommodation. The hotel rooms with antique furniture provide for Bavarian cosiness. The “Lufthütten” are special retreats – traditional wooden houses, where time seems to stand still.

The “Hüttentüme” set a counterpoint with their modern, straight-line architecture. The rooms are stacked one above the other as a cube. Stairways and balconies are virtually cut into the tower and large windows bring the countryside into the rooms. The inside is connected to the outside, a theme that recurs in other buildings on the Tannerhof as well.

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What to do

Various health services and wellness treatments, weekly program with activities, exercise, relaxation and cultural activities, hiking, Nordic walking, climbing, cycling & mountain biking, swimming lakes, paragliding, tennis, golf, skiing, cross-country skiing, tobogganing, ski touring, ice skating.

Why we like this house

A small cosmos in the mountains with extensive health and wellness program - great for stressed city dwellers!

This house is great for

For health conscious people and anyone looking for peace and relaxation.

Details of the property

Region/Town: DE – Germany, Bavaria, Bayrischzell

Name: Tannerhof

Scenery: Bavarian Prealps

Accommodation: Hotel

Architecture: Old & new

Completed: 2012 (conversion)

Design: www.nagler-architekten.de

Published: Bayerisches Fernsehen 9/2017, schoener-wohnen.de: "Urlaub mit Stil: Hotels und Ferienhäuser in den Bergen" 8/2016, Baumeister 4/2012 u.a.

Special Features: Nature Hotel and Health Resort, organic cuisine

Awards: BDA award 2013, artouro 2013 (nomination), Eco label Blaue Schwalbe


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