The Balancing Barn

The “Balancing Barn” offers a very special living experience. From the front, it looks like a small house that fits in rather well with the other local buildings: with its barn-like shape and metal sheeting. Viewed from the side, however, you will see an extremely long (30 meters!) and unusually constructed house. It cantilevers 15 meters over the terraced terrain. This creates quite remarkable views from within: In the front part of the house the rooms are at ground level, while in the rear you stand at tree height.

Through the entrance on the front side, you enter the eat-in kitchen, followed by four bedrooms (each with its own en-suite bathroom). In the middle of the house, a hidden staircase leads down into the garden. The living room at the end of the building offers beautiful views of the surrounding hills on three sides. Glass panels in the roof and the floor contribute to the impression of living in a floating house.

What to do

The area around the Balancing Barn offers plenty of activities for all ages, including walking, birdwatching, cycling, swimming and sailing. And you can explore local castles, restaurants, pubs and teashops.

Why we like this house

Spectacular architecture which makes for an extraordinary living experience.

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