Anyone who wishes to spend his holidays in a historic architectural monument can take a short trip back in time in the Huberhaus in the Upper Valais. The Huberhaus is a traditional alpine log house built in the 16th century. The old balconies, the soapstone stove in the living room and the creaking floors have retained the original charm of old timber houses, despite the new kitchen and bathroom. People were shorter in the old days: the ceiling height in the living room is just 1.88 meters. All the other rooms have normal room heights. The only heating comes from the wood-burning stove! The hut will accommodate four people at 1500 meters in the hamlet of Eggen. It doesn’t get much cosier than this, even if occasionally one of the guests does have to duck down a little.

The house is operated by “„Ferien im Baudenkmal“ (Holiday in the monument), a project of the Swiss Heritage Protection at the interface of tourism and historic preservation. On their website you find more houses to rent.

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