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Learn more about the people and stories behind the URLAUBSARCHITEKTUR houses.

28.06.2020Sublimity, avant-garde and elegance: The Kranich Hotel

In Roman culture, the crane was considered the symbol of ‘prudentia’, the prudent action, of ‘perseverantia’, i.e. perseverance, and of ‘custodia’, the diligence of action. When talking to hostess Dr. Bettina Klein, who welcomes guests on an estate comprising a small hotel, a museum and a café near the Saaler Bodden in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, this immediately seems to be a sufficiently apt, albeit generalising description of the landlady herself. With a lot of courage, perseverance and—in view of the size of the grounds—inevitably limited means, she has over the years built up a worldly paradise in the Kranich Hotel, which one would hardly ever suspect in this rural idyll considering its outlandishness.

30.05.2020House Whisperer – The Kuća project of the Croatian designer Boris Kajmak

Boris Kajmak is a house whisperer. As if he had his own antennas for it, he perceives the dilapidated stone houses with all his senses. He listens to their sounds, feels their surfaces and explores their structure. With the accuracy and almost childlike enthusiasm of an archaeologist, he reveals the history of the old walls layer by layer. He opens doors, finds treasures and conjures up traces and objects of a time thought to be lost forever. From all this new architectural and design concepts of the stone houses emerge, houses which take their hat off to the past and yet are made thoroughly for the present.

30.04.2020HomeStory: Anchor point for sophisticated souls – The Seehotel Ambach in Caldaro

The Ambach grooves, rocks and swings. It meditates, ponders and smiles silently. According to the constellation of guests, wishes and moods. Then as now the house is an incomparable place: it’s a spectacular spatial sculpture, a design temple, a paradise for soul, spirit and senses, an anchor point for sophisticated souls, an oasis of good living. The list would go on forever, but words will never really do justice to this house. You have to experience it.

26.01.2020Besides Outside: B&B Haidl-Madl in the Bavarian Forest

If you’re the wellness type or looking for a jet-set holiday, B&B Haidl-Madl Ferienwohnen isn’t the place for you. Here on the Bavarian-Bohemian border, there are so many things you won’t find: noise, air pollution, heavy traffic, and agricultural monocultures. There’s no television in the house, no permanent accessibility, and quite deliberately no “events” put on by the hosts.

30.12.2019Our HomeStories 2019: review

With our HomeStories, we want to give the reader a glimpse behind the facades of the URLAUBSARCHITEKTUR houses, show them in a very personal light and narrate them from within. The winter holidays are the perfect time for relaxed wandering through the stories… here they are again: all our HomeStories 2019. Be inspired!

03.12.2019Living the dream: The community-project MeerLeben

Directly on the idyllic Baltic Sea coast, less than 1km from the beach, you will find a very special kind of village in which a group of people from all walks of life have each realised their dream of planning and building their own holiday home.

30.10.2019Recharge House: Building & living with ever-present views of nature

In August 2018 the Danish Recharge House – project started, driven by the strong vision of the owners Anders Petersen and Rasmus Johnsen and the architect Søren Sarup: Building and living with the ever-present views of nature. They were assisted by a little group of skilled building professionals. The making of in pictures.

22.09.2019Hideaways, lookouts & open space: the Vulkaneifel houses

The Vulkaneifel (Volcanic Eifel) in western Germany is often underestimated as a tourist destination. Despite its good accessibility from the surrounding metropolitan regions and the Benelux countries, it is still far away from the major tourist flows. The Volcanic Eifel scores with its wild natural beauty and is an eldorado for outdoor sports enthusiasts and those seeking peace and quiet. Its architectural counterpart can be found in the Vulkaneifel Houses, which perfectly set the scene for nature.

11.08.2019Anti-Wellness, wonderful: The Tannerhof

When a holiday destination stays with you long after you’ve visited, but you can’t quite pinpoint why – well, then it’s quite possible that you’ve been to visit the Tannerhof in Bayrischzell, Upper Bavaria. And it may be a sign that you should start trusting your instincts.

03.07.2019The silent East Algarve – A road trip in pictures

From the Spanish border to Faro, the capital of the Algarve, stretches the quiet, untouched Sandalgarve. Here countless little pearls and great treasures are hidden: slumbering villages and small islands, warm-hearted people, an enchanting cuisine, noble cultural cities and a coastal stretch whose beauty takes your breath away. Seja inspirado!

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