TOP 10 for 2011

We publish a Top 10 list of the most popular holiday homes and hotels on our website every year.

The most popular new entry in 2011: Naturresidence Dahoam, Italy

The winner in 2011: Seehaus Ahrenshoop, Germany

+++ Top 10 for 2011 +++

1. Seehaus Ahrenshoop, Germany (as 2010)
2. Ferienhaus Langelinie, Denmark (as 2010 / the house is not for rent any longer)
3. im Spycher, Switzerland
4. Meerhaus, Germany
5. Usedom-Relaxx, Germany
6. Gutshof Tick, Germany
7. Hofgut Hafnerleiten, Germany
8. refugio.laudegg, Austria
9. La Subida, Italy
10. Klare Kante, Germany

+++ most popular new entries in 2011 +++

1. Naturresidence Dahoam, Italy
2. Montagne Alternative, Switzerland
3. Mineral House, Portugal
4. Sonnenhaus-am-See, Germany (the house is not for rent any longer)
5. Haus Boernsteen, Germany
6. Che Bella Vista, Italy
7. Terzo di Danciano, Italy
8. Middenmank, Germany
9. die strandhäuser, Germany
10. FerienStadl Bienen Alm, Austria

This Top 10 is a public rating: we rate how often an entry was read and how many readers have visited the homepage of the object.

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