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Learn more about the people and stories behind the URLAUBSARCHITEKTUR houses.

11.08.2019Anti-Wellness, wonderful: The Tannerhof

When a holiday destination stays with you long after you’ve visited, but you can’t quite pinpoint why – well, then it’s quite possible that you’ve been to visit the Tannerhof in Bayrischzell, Upper Bavaria. And it may be a sign that you should start trusting your instincts.

03.07.2019The silent East Algarve – A road trip in pictures

From the Spanish border to Faro, the capital of the Algarve, stretches the quiet, untouched Sandalgarve. Here countless little pearls and great treasures are hidden: slumbering villages and small islands, warm-hearted people, an enchanting cuisine, noble cultural cities and a coastal stretch whose beauty takes your breath away. Seja inspirado!

31.05.2019Milchhof Arnstadt. Bauhaus100.

The Arnstadt hotelier couple Judith Rüber and Jan Kobel have a weakness for abandoned industrial buildings and for the potential that lies dormant in them as places of experience-oriented architectural and cultural experience. In 2014 they acquired the Milchhof Arnstadt, a classic modernist monument from 1928, which is currently part of the German and Thuringian GRAND TOUR DER MODERNE 2019 as well as an official partner of the Bauhaus100 programme.

30.04.2019Hotel Zum Hirschen – Elixir of life for modern pilgrims

The house is a midwife. It brings to light desires and needs that lie dormant in us but have no right to exist in “normal life”: Too busy. Too scattered. Too tired. The hosts of Zum Hirschen have succeeded in creating a place that inspires without preaching. Where enjoyment is beneficial. Where nature awakens the spirits of life and lets the soul sing.

24.02.2019Family Ties – The Taxhof and the Aufberg Houses

High above Bruck at the Großglocknerstraße in the Austrian Pinzgau lives and works since 1687 family Unterberger. With their guests they share not only the fantastic location with a view of the Hohe Tauern, the Kitzsteinhorn and down into the Salzach valley. But also four architectural highlights up to a tree house, which happily combine tradition and modernity in very different ways.

27.01.2019Bildstein and its Mesmerhaus: A mesmerising powerhouse above Lake Constance

Bildstein in Vorarlberg, Austria. This location with its view of Lake Constance and the Alpine Rhine estuary will evoke breath-taking images in your mind even whilst planning your holiday there. When I arrive, it isn’t just the late evening views of the distant lights on the lake’s opposite shore that widen my horizons. Before making any other impression, it is the magical silence of the small village surrounding the Basilica of the Visitation of Our Mary that strikes me immediately. If silence could be described as a “sound”, to me it is sublime, peaceful, and it grounds me almost involuntarily.

25.12.2018Our HomeStories 2018: review!

The UA-HomeStories are a series of articles that tell about the people and stories behind the URLAUBSARCHITEKTUR houses. They portray the character of a place and make us experience the visions and unique architectural concepts of the people who conceived them. With the HomeStories, we want to give the reader a glimpse behind the facades of the URLAUBSARCHITEKTUR houses, show them in a very personal light and narrate them from within. The winter holidays are the perfect time for relaxed wandering through the stories…

25.11.2018das quartier – Innovation at the foot of the Zugspitze

As visually striking as it is unexpected, the silhouette of quartier’s roofline on the southern perimeter of Garmisch-Partenkirchen will catch your eye from the moment you arrive. Inside – which we will get to shortly – a cosmos of contemporary living awaits you. And while quartier appears to suit its environment so naturally today, its presence somehow self-evident, it has its own unique back story – a story worth unpacking before we open its doors.

31.10.2018Corte Campioli – Life is a lucky bag

At the beginning of 2012 Sabine and Christian Blumrath take a one-month break from their very successful and all-determining professional life and travel “to the end of the world”, into the sheer endless expanse of Patagonia. They face astonished limitless horizons, enjoy the wild silence of starry nights and experience the essence of ancient traditions. And they come to rest, and the rest creates the space for a great, urgent question: Does our life fulfill us? Patagonia becomes the midwife of a great decision: Get out – and dare a new beginning

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