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Advent calendar

8. door
Spend a holiday where Father Christmas lives

Did you know that the Danish Father Christmas is called Julemand and that in Sweden, three goblins dressed in red – Tomtebisse, Tomte and Nisse – bring the presents?

For the Finns, Joulupukki is the real Father Christmas. He lives on a mountain in Lapland, whose secret entrance, of course, no one has found yet. Joulupukki is assisted by lots of little tonttus (Christmas elves) who help him get the presents.

If you are not one of those Christmas grinches who prefer spending the winter in warmer climes but would rather relax in Scandinavia over the festive season, we have a few tips for you.

By the way, you will find the 8th door of this year’s Advent calendar at this HOLIDAYARCHITECTURE house:

Holidayarchitecture door for 8 December

So, this is Christmas… again! Throughout Advent, the Urlaubsarchitektur team will be presenting daily gift tips, stories and inspiration for architects, travel enthusiasts and for Christmas grinches, too!


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